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Recurrence Matrix
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Let's define a Series Whose recurrence formula is as follows :
C(n)= 3*C(i-1) + 4*C(i-2) + 5*C(i-3) + 6*C(i-4) 
C(0)= 2
C(1)= 0
C(2)= 1
C(3)= 7
Now based on this Series a Matrix Mi,j of size n*n is to be formed.The top left cell is(1,1) and the bottom right corner is (n,n). 
Each cell (i,j) of the Matrix contains either 1 or 0. 
If C( (i * j)^3 ) is odd, Mi,j is 1, otherwise, it's 0.
Count the total number of ones in the Matrix.

First Line Of the input will contain an integer 'T'- the number of test cases . Each of the next 'T' lines consists of an integer 'n'.-denoting the size of the matrix. 

For each test case, output a single Integer -the taste value fo the dish of size-n*n. 

Constraints : 
1 ≤ T ≤ 1000
1 ≤ n ≤ 1000

Input : 
Output : 


Example case 1
In the test case 1 : 

C(1*1*1*1*1*1)=0               C(1*1*1*2*2*2)=11424
C(2*2*2*1*1*1)=11424       C(2*2*2*2*2*2)=17408414112797894176

So, The matrix of size 2*2 will be : 
0    0    
0    0

So ,Count of ones in the Matrix is zero.

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Contributor: Abhinav Jain
Author: iamabjain

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