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Stack Operations
Easy Accuracy: 63.49% Submissions: 8404 Points: 2

This Java module deals with Stacks, Queues, and ArrayLists. We'll perform various operations on them.

Given a stack of integers and Q queries. The task is to perform operation on stack according to the query.

Note: use push() to add element in the stack, peek() to get topmost element without removal, pop() gives topmost element with removal, search() to return position if found else -1.

Input Format:
First line of input contains nubmer of testcases T. For each testcase, first line of input contains Q, number of queries. Next line contains Q queries seperated by space. Queries are as:

  1. i x : (adds element x in the stack).

  2. r : (returns and removes the topmost element from the stack).

  3. h : Prints the topmost element.

  4. f y : (check if the element y is present or not in the stack). Print "Yes" if present, else "No".

Output Format:
For each testcase, perform Q queries and print the output wherever required.

Your Task:
Your task is to complete functions insert(), remove(), headOf_Stack() and find(), to insert, remove returning top element and findiing the elment in stack respectively.

1 <= T <= 100
1 <= Q <= 103


i 2 i 4 i 3 i 5 h f 8
i 3 i 4 r f 3


Testcase 1:
Inserting 2, 4, 3, and 5 onto the stack. Returning top element which is 5. Finding 8 will give No, as 8 is not in the stack.

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Stack Operations

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