Time digit counting

you have to get two time (start time and end time) from the user in the format (HH MM SS) for ex: 23 59 09 & 23 59 09
then you have to tell the user how many time 0 is repeated then how many time 1 is repeated and so on like for the above example answer is 2122020002 (0 is 2 times so 1st digit is 2, 1 is 1 time so then1, 2 is repeated 2 twice so 2, 3 is also repeated twice so again 2, 4 is not their so 0 and so on.

Note: also can u do. If. Given times are not. Just 1second apart like 1 hour or. 20.minute air. Just. 15.second (anything) 

Author: Siddharth Sandilya
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