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Your task is to complete the function timeBeforeAfterNdays(n) which accepts n as an argument and accepts day, month, year. You have to display the day (Sunday , Monday etc) after adding n to given date. The output will be in number from 1 to 7.  1 is Sunday.

Input Format:
The first line of input contains T denoting thr number of testcases. T testcases follow. Each testcase contains single line of input: n, day, month, and year separated by spaces.

Output Format:
For each testcase, in a new line, print the required answer.

Your Task:
Since this is a function problem, you don't need to take any input. Just complete the function timeBeforeAfterNdays that takes n, day, month, and year as parameters.

1 <= T <= 100
1 <= day <= 31
1 <= month <= 12

3 15 08 1947
Day after n days: 2

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