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March 1, 2023


  • GeeksforGeeks is collaborating with Google Cloud and AMD for the very first time to bring to you a Pan-India Hackathon.
  • 100 colleges from all across India will be participating in this Hackathon.
  • Students will first compete within their Institutes in online hackathons.
  • Participants have to select a theme and build innovative projects with Google Cloud integration.
  • Top 3 teams from each Institute will then showcase their projects at regional level; north, south, east and west zones.
  • Top 3 teams from each zone will then have a final showcase at the national level.

Flow of Hackathon

Flow of Hackathon

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How can I participate ?
Search for your college in the List of Colleges section and register for the event linked with your college.
Which colleges are participating in this event ?
Only the colleges listed above are eligible to participate in this Hackathon.
Are the registrations for my college still open ?
The registrations are open till 16 April 2023, 11:00 PM
When can I start working on my Project ?
The hackathon starts on 1st March, 2023. The various themes will be revealed at that time. You can then start working on your project ideas after choosing your theme.
What is the allowed team size ?
You can participate individually or work in a team. The allowed team size is between 1 to a maximum of 4 team members.
What are the allowed Themes for this Hackathon ?
The themes will be revealed once the Hackathon starts on 1st March 2023.
I have never developed a big project like this before. How do I start ?
Once the Hackathon starts, you will have access to a variety of mentors as well as webinars by Industry Experts to help you get started. You will have enough time to learn things and implement them accordingly.
Is it compulsory to use Google Cloud in my project ?
Yes, it is mandatory to integrate Google Cloud in your projects.
Do I get anything for participating in the Institute Level Hackathons?
Each team member gets a food voucher after successfully submitting the project. Not just this ! You get to interact with industry experts, GFG mentors, Google & AMD engineers who can help you build a great product.
Do I get anything if my team qualifies to the Regional Level?
Top 3 teams from each institute get rewards like; smart watches, earbuds and other cool swags.
Do I get anything if my team qualifies to the National Level?
Top 3 teams from regional rounds get to win; Tablets, speakers, headphones and other cool swags.
How to contact the organisers in case of any query ?
What will be the evaluation criteria for the regional rounds?
Your projects should be completely functional, as the mentors will be judging the projects on the working demos.
The project and the evaluation criteria remains the same as in the 1st round. You will be judged on the following parameters:

Design & Implementation: Does it work? Is it implementable? Did the team think about the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)? Was the product designed with humans in mind?
Innovation: How innovative / creative / unique is the idea? Was there a novel approach applied to solve the problem?
Technical Complexity: Is the project technically impressive? Complex? How technically sophisticated / advanced / elegant was the solution?
Social Impact: How impactful is the idea? Can it impact the lives of many people in a significant way?
Commercial Viability: Is there a business potential? How original is the business model? Has the team considered route to market and has made proactive actions to execute an action plan? Is the idea feasible, does it have economic and societal value, and is it sustainable?
Integration of AMD instances on Google Cloud: Is a mandate, any projects without it will be disqualified.

You are required to work on the feedback received by the mentors
Do you need to make any PPT. to pitch your project?
No, PPTs are not required for the regionals. You need to present the mentors with the working demo of your project and make them go through all the elements.
What will be the maximum time allotted to each team for presenting their projects
Each team will have a maximum of 10 minutes to showcase their projects, exceeding this time limit will result in negative marking.
Will I receive travel compensation for attending the regional round?
Yes, each participant attending the regional round will receive a travel compensation of INR 2500. You need to fill the form (shared with you over an email) with the required details for availing the travel amount. Please fill the form carefully as once filled cannot be edited. The amount will directly be transferred to your bank account, a few days after the regionals are completed.
Between which dates do I need to make my travel arrangements?
The regional round is a one day event and will be held between 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM, on the dates specified in the qualification email. You are required to make your travel arrangements for the same day.