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Payment Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in our Courses or purchasing any of our Services and providing the Company with your payment information, you hereby agree to these payment terms and conditions.

To purchase any services or products offered by us you must have Internet access and a current valid accepted payment method as indicated during sign-up process (“Payment Method”). You agree to Company’s, or its third-party payment provider, storing and accessing your payment information. You also agree to pay the applicable fees for the services or products you purchase through the Company as they become due, whether on a one-time or instalment. Fees may vary based on your location, the type of Payment Method used, where your Payment Method was issued, or other contractual arrangements. GFG does not support all payment methods, currencies or locations for payment and may vary such offerings from time to time. Additionally, you understand and agree that not all promotions, discounts and pricing are available to all users, and that specific additional terms and conditions may apply to certain promotional programs, discounts, pricing, or geographic locations.

By agreeing to this Terms of Service, you agree to be bound by third party’s Terms of Service, here third party refers to all the parties involved in the payment process. These Terms of Service can be updated by the company from time to time without any prior notice and thus, it will be the user’s responsibility to visit these terms of service before initiating the payment. In case of any dispute between you (User) and Company or other third parties involved in the payment process, the final decision will be at the company’s discretion.

You are responsible for any duties, customs fees, taxes, and related penalties, fines, audits, interest and back-payments relating to your purchase of the Services, including but not limited to national, state or local sales taxes, use taxes, value-added taxes (VAT) and goods and services taxes (GST) (collectively, “Taxes”). Unless otherwise stated, our pricing policies do not include and are not discounted or enhanced for any such Taxes. If we become obligated to collect or pay Taxes in connection with your purchase of the Services, those Taxes will be invoiced to you as part of a billing process or collected at the time of purchase. In certain states, countries and territories, we may determine if your purchase of Services is subject to certain Taxes, and if so, may collect such Taxes and remit them to the appropriate taxing authority. If you believe that a given Tax does not apply or that some amount must be withheld from payments to us, you must promptly provide the accurate Information, so that any such Compliance can be done.


It is to be noted by all the users that the access to their respective accounts with GeeksforGeeks should be confined till themselves, sharing up of password with an unauthorized person, making your account public, selling out the contents and/or putting it up on public platform or any duplicity shall attract a strict action against you, which may also result in suspension of your account and penalty.

While using the GeeksforGeeks platform, users are expected to comply with the following terms:

  • End users shall treat the Representatives in a respectful manner
  • End users shall not use any language that could be offensive, harmful, hurtful, defamatory, or derogatory in any manner.
  • End users shall not make any racist, offensive, obnoxious, derogatory, harmful or offensive comments.

If you are found to be violating any of these terms, strict action shall be taken, which may also result in suspension of your account and penalty.

Refund, Cancellation & Transferability Policy

Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. In the event you are displeased with the services provided, we will refund the money as per the terms and conditions mentioned herein, provided the reasons are genuine and proved after investigation. Please read the fine prints of each deal before buying it, it provides all the details about the services or the products you purchase. Please note that the total amount paid for any services or products consists of Tuition fee and processing fee (taxes and payment charges).

Any Refund requested shall lie within the timeline provided by the company, and that only the percentage of amount as permitted by the policy shall be refunded. Please note no candidate will be entitled for 100% refund after the purchase of the courses.

Recorded/Online Classes:
In case of Recorded/ Online courses, if the candidate wants to cancel his/her subscription and apply for a refund within 0-7 Days of the purchase of the course, then the full amount shall be refunded as per our 7 day money back guarantee.

Whereas when the day count is between 7 to 15 days of purchase the deduction percentage shall be 25%, whereas the remaining shall be refunded. If candidate/you requests to shift their/your batch after 15 days i.e. after 4 live classes, then in this case batch shift won&ldqu0;t be possible. Please note that none shall be entitled for refund after cessation of 15 days of purchase of any course, and in genuine case it can be done only upon discretion of the Company. If you are looking for a refund, kindly drop us a mail at: courses@geeksforgeeks.org

Live Courses:

In case of Live Courses, the candidate can apply for the cancellation and refund in the event of non satisfaction. Here, if you apply for a refund after attending 2 classes, 100% of the amount paid shall be refunded to you. If you apply for a refund after the 3rd or 4th class, 25% of the amount paid shall be deducted and the rest will be refunded to you. Please note that no refund shall be issued after attending the 4th class.

Further, the rights to a user account and paid courses may not be transferred or assigned to another account/person/entity, whether by sharing, requesting, operation of law, or otherwise. Any effort to share account rights, purchased courses, or any other privileges granted to the user is void and will not be considered. As a result, transferring account rights is not permitted.

Offline Classes:

In case of Offline Classes, the candidate can apply for the cancellation and refund in the event of non satisfaction. Here, if you apply for a refund after attending 2 classes, 100% of the amount paid shall be refunded to you. If you apply for a refund after the 3rd or 4th class, 25% of the amount paid shall be deducted and the rest will be refunded to you. Please note that no refund shall be issued after attending the 4th class.

A candidate can only hold the batch for 45 days if they choose to use the “Hold Batch” option, which allows them to join the next batch instead of the current one. The hold will expire after 45 days and no refund will be given for it.

The refund policy for courses will now be applicable for the refund in Doubt Assistance of our courses. This condition will vary if the user took the course after applying a certain discount.

Please note once the refund process is initiated, it may take 7-15 working days to reflect back the amount in user’s bank account. The amount will be refunded only to the bank account from which the payment was made. In case of any disputes on refunds and cancellations, the final decision will lie at the discretion of the Company.

Proprietary Rights

As between you and the Company, the Services are owned and/or provided by GeeksforGeeks. The names, logos, trademarks, trade dress, arrangements, visual interfaces, graphics, design, compilation, information, data, products, software, services, and all other elements of the Services (“Materials”) that we provide are protected by intellectual property and other laws. All Materials included in the Services are the property of GeeksforGeeks or some times of its third party licensors. You may only use the Services as expressly authorized by us and as set forth in this TOS. You shall abide by and maintain all intellectual property notices, information, and restrictions contained in the Services. We reserve all rights to the Services not granted expressly in this TOS.

If you choose to provide input and suggestions regarding problems with or proposed modifications or improvements to the Services (“Feedback”) then you hereby grant to us an unrestricted, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, fully-paid, royalty-free right to exploit the Feedback in any manner and for any purpose, including to improve the Services and create other products and services.

Subject to your complete and ongoing compliance with this TOS and our rights therein, GeeksforGeeks grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable, revocable right to access and use the Services as described in and subject to this TOS but that is only after the successful Purchase of our Services.


You may not use Confidential Information except in connection with your use of the Service as permitted under this TOS or as separately authorized in a signed writing by us. You agree to not disclose Confidential Information during the term of this TOS during or after the use of our Services. You will take all reasonable measures to avoid disclosure or unauthorized use of Confidential Information, including at least the measures you take to protect your own confidential information of a similar nature, any Breach to this clause shall attract Legal Consequences.