CodersVilla 1.0

Apr 14 2018, 08:30 PM IST to Apr 14 2018, 10:00 PM IST

This Contest is Over!
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Contest Description

CodersVilla 1.0 - First ever monthly programming contest by A4Algo in association with Geeksforgeeks, where programmers will code to earn the badges on their chest.

Contest problems present a real-life scenario, for example, finding shortest path between 2 nodes. With the scenario, each contestant must determine the problem and develop algorithms for its solution. The contest typically features 4 questions, and contestants have 1.5 hours to complete as many as possible.

Instructions and Prizes

Contestants are scored based on the number of problems solved. The person with the most correct submissions and least penalty points wins!

There is also 10% of negative marking for each wrong submission.


Top 3 winners will get a chance to win Geeksforgeeks goodies and T-shirt. As well as badges will be assigned to the winners of the coding competition.

1st on the leaderboard earns the badge SPARTAN CODER + 3100/-

2nd on the leaderboard earns the badge SPY CODER + 2100/-

3rd on the leaderboard earns the badge NINJA CODER + 1100/-



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