First Step to DSA: Scholarship Test 3.0

This is a 2 hour long challenge for all the school students( from 9th to 12th class) who want to join the First Step to Data Structure & Algorithm live Course by GeeksforGeeks.

The top 5 students will get a 100% scholarship for the Course. Meanwhile, other participants of this scholarship test will also get a 10% scholarship for any GFG course.

Note: Only school students (from 9th to 12th class) will be able to avail of the scholarship and goodies

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33 Questions
250 Marks
From Sep 18 06:00 PM

(IST) to Sep 18 08:00 PM(IST)

Instructions for the Contest

  • Languages supported for the contest are: C++, Java, Python.
  • Each submission will be tested based on our critical test data. 
  • There is 5% penalty for each wrong submission. For example, if a problem is of 100 marks and a participant makes a wrong submission, his marks are reduced to 95. After the next wrong submission of the same problem, his marks are further reduced to 90.25 and so on. Therefore, it is suggested to use 'Compile & Test' against sample test cases before each submission.
  • Each question has hints that you may use when you're stuck on a problem. Marks are deducted on hints usage.
  • Please refrain from discussing strategy during the contest. All submissions are run through a plagiarism detector. Any case of code plagiarism will reduce the score of the concerned participants to 0.
  • Make sure other participants don't have access to your code. In case you are using any other online coding environment, you are responsible for the privacy of your code.
  • Plagiarism Check is performed after the contest and may lead to modifications in the leaderboard. The decision made by the GFG team regarding plagiarism is final and can not be contested.
  • It is advised to attempt the Sample Geeks Challenge to get familiar with the GeeksforGeeks coding environment.

Quiz Details

Quiz marks will be added to contest-score after the contest gets over.
Be careful while submitting quiz questions. Once submitted answer can't be changed.
30 Questions
90 Marks

Coding Problem Details

Solve as many problem(s) as you can before the time runs out and based on the accuracy of your correct submission you will get the scores.
3 Questions
160 Marks