Finding it difficult to develop a habit of coding? Well, we are here to provide you with some extra incentive that will help keep your motivation levels always up!

Become a better & consistent coder by solving one question every day and stand a chance to win big! The questions will cover different topics based on Data Structures and Algorithms and you will have 24 hours to channel your inner Geek and solve the challenge.

  • Solving a problem will earn you one Geek Bit.
  • Earning a Geek Bits for 8 consecutive days = 1 Geek Byte
  • 16 non consecutive Geek Bits = 1 Geek Byte
  • 16 Geek Bytes = 1 Mega Geek Byte
  • Amazon Gift vouchers
  • Discount on any of our courses of your choice
  • GfG Merchandise
  • Discount on our Premium membership
  • The questions will be featured from a pool of public problems from the GFG Practice Portal.
  • If you are a frequent user of our Practice Portal, you may have already solved the featured Problem of the Day in the past. In that case you must submit your solution again to maintain the streak and earn a Geek Bit.
  • Only the questions given by us each day will be considered valid for earning Geek Bits. Any record of your previous submissions or number of questions answered in the past will not be considered.
  • The questions will range across varying difficulties and DSA topics.
  • You can solve the question in C++, Java, Python, JavaScript.
  • Each submission will be tested on our critical test data. Only a fully submitted solution will be considered for a Geek Bit.
  • Each question has hints that you may use when you are stuck on a problem. Marks are deducted on hints usage but your submission will still be considered for a Geek Bit.
  • Viewing the full solution and then submitting the answer will not earn you any Geek Bit.
  • The 24 hours allotted to complete the problem will be according to Indian Standard Time.
  • You will need to earn a minimum of 5 Geek Bytes to be eligible for a reward.
  • Once you collect a minimum of 5 Geek Bytes, you can redeem INR 1000 on our prizes. After collecting a minimum of 5 Geek Bytes, each additional Geek Byte earned will get you an additional INR 200. This amount can then be redeemed to get any preferred prize of your choice!
  • Wondering how high you can go?
    Earn 16 Geek Bytes and you will get 1 Mega Geek Byte.
  • 1 Mega Geek Byte can be then used to avail prizes worth INR 6400, ie - DOUBLE cash prize !
  • Encourage others to solve POD by sharing today's problem on Twitter. Tag @geeksforgeeks and stand a chance to win surprise rewards.